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Sun, September 19, 2021 | 08:23
Filipina K-drama fan appears in more than 60 Korean dramas [VIDEO]
Noreen Joyce Guerra was once a huge K-drama fan in the Philippines. Years later, she is now living her dreams by having a successful career at a Korean company on weekdays, and appearing in dozens of popular Korean dramas herself mostly as a background actor and also hosting TV shows and events with K-pop bands on weekends.
Acceptance speeches by winners of 2021 Korea Times-ETS English Presentation Contest
The Korea Times honored the winners of its second English Presentation Contest through a congratulatory video with short award acceptance speeches recorded and sent by the recipients.
'I love how I get paid to have fun': Foreign voice acting in Korea
Foreign language announcements may be familiar to you if you use public transportation in Korea. In fact, foreign voice overs and narrations can be heard almost everyday whenever you turn on your TV, and everywhere you go around town. Ever wondered who these voices belong to and how they came to be there?
'Acquaintance insulting:' digital sex crimes committed by people victims know
A school teacher in her 20s one day receives a message from a complete stranger, telling her that her photos and personal information are being shared among thousands of Telegram users. She finds out that someone has been distributing what appears to be fake nude photos and pornographic videos of her, as well as saying extremely vulgar and sexually humiliating things about he...
ESG in Korea: 'Happy employees mean happy business'
To understand this topic in more depth, The Korea Times invited Jeon Youmi, the managing director of PERSOLKELLY Korea and the group leader for PERSOLKELLY Consulting in the APAC region, for a discussion on how Korean companies are responding to the rapidly evolving business environment in which ESG management practices are becoming the central issue for companies to tackle i...
How I built a multi-million dollar Turkish kebab empire in Korea: Oh Sinan Ozturk
Turkish dishes have received an enthusiastic response from Koreans, with many kebab joints and Turkish restaurants popping up across the country over the past two decades.Today, we meet OH Sinan OZTURK, who came to Korea from Turkey in 1997 and ended up building a huge food business empire in Korea with the food of his home country.
Millennials guessing Gen Z words
We often get confused when we hear social media slang words and abbreviations that young people use but day by day social media acronyms are becoming more normal. It does not mean you've lost your cool if you aren’t sure what Gen Zs are saying, but knowing the meaning behind those social media abbreviations will be helpful to understand the unique culture of the younger gener...
Passion for Indian food: How I run most popular Indian restaurant in Korea [VIDEO]
India's rich food culture has been widely appreciated around the world. And since the late 90s when Indians began to arrive here as Korean companies started hiring more people from that country, the authentic Indian cuisine they brought with them has gradually grown in popularity among Koreans as well as 2.2 million expatriates living here.
Tasting Koreans' favorite non-alcoholic beverages [VIDEO]
Did you know that drinking non-alcoholic beverages is a growing trend among young Koreans? It seems like young Koreans are trying to pursue a healthier lifestyle during Covid-19, so we also brought some of the most popular non-alcoholic beverages to find out how they taste like.
Int'l marriage: What it's like to have Korean husband [VIDEO]
International marriages to Koreans have steadily increased as Koreans have grown more open to transnational relationships. Of course, 'love has no borders' but what makes a foreigner fall in love with a Korean?
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